The Road to React [Book 2022]

 by Robin Wieruch
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The Road to React teaches the fundamentals of React. You will build a real-world application in plain React without complicated tooling. Everything from project setup to deployment on a server will be explained for you. The book comes with additional referenced reading material and exercises with each chapter. After reading the book, you will be able to build your own applications in React. The material is kept up to date by myself and the community.

In the Road to React, I offer a foundation before you dive into the broader React ecosystem. The concepts will have less tooling and less external state management, but a lot of information about React. It explains general concepts, patterns, and best practices in a real world React application.

Essentially, you will learn to build your own React application from scratch, with features like pagination, client-side and server-side searching, and advanced interactions like sorting. I hope this book captures my enthusiasm for React and JavaScript, and that it helps you get started with it.

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Book Changelog

I keep the learning material up to date to the recent changes in the React ecosystem.

10. January 2017:

08. March 2017:

  • 20% more content
  • 25% improved content
  • 9 new chapters
  • 170 pages of learning material

15. April 2017:

  • upgrade to React 15.5.

5. July 2017:

  • upgrade to node 8.1.3
  • upgrade to npm 5.0.4
  • upgrade to create-react-app 1.3.3

17. October 2017:

  • upgrade to node 8.3.0
  • upgrade to npm 5.5.1
  • upgrade to create-react-app 1.4.1
  • upgrade to React 16
  • 15% more content
  • 15% improved content
  • 3 new chapters (Bindings, Event Handlers, Error Handling)
  • 200+ pages of learning material
  • +9 Source Code Projects

17. February 2018:

  • upgrade to node 8.9.4
  • upgrade to npm 5.6.0
  • upgrade to create-react-app 1.5.1
  • more learning paths
  • extra reading material
  • 1 new chapter (Axios instead of Fetch)
  • Amazon Print/E Book

31. August 2018:

  • professional proofreading and editing by Emmanuel Stalling
  • 18 Source Code Projects

3. October 2018:

  • upgrade to node 10.11.0
  • upgrade to npm 6.4.1
  • upgrade to create-react-app 2.0.2

29. February 2020:

  • major rewrite with React Hooks

Table of Contents

  • Fundamentals of React
    • Hello React
    • Requirements
    • Setting up a React Project
    • Meet the React Component
    • React JSX
    • Lists in React
    • Meet another React Component
    • React Component Instantiation
    • ReactDOM
    • React Component Definition (Advanced)
    • Handler Function in JSX
    • React Props
    • React State
    • Callback Handlers in JSX
    • Lifting State in React
    • React Controlled Components
    • Props Handling (Advanced)
    • React Side-Effects
    • React Custom Hooks (Advanced)
    • React Fragments
    • Reusable React Component
    • React Component Composition
    • Imperative React
    • Inline Handler in JSX
    • React Asynchronous Data
    • React Conditional Rendering
    • React Advanced State
    • React Impossible States
    • Data Fetching with React
    • Data Re-Fetching in React
    • Memoized Handler in React (Advanced)
    • Explicit Data Fetching with React
    • Third-Party Libraries in React
    • Async/Await in React (Advanced)
    • Forms in React
  • React's Legacy
    • React Class Components
    • React Class Components: State
    • Imperative React
  • Styling in React
    • CSS in React
    • CSS Modules in React
    • Styled Components in React
    • SVGs in React
  • React Maintenance
    • Performance in React (Advanced)
    • TypeScript in React
    • Unit Testing to Integration Testing
    • React Project Structure
  • Real World React (Advanced)
    • Sorting
    • Reverse Sort
    • Remember Last Searches
    • Paginated Fetch
  • Deploying a React Application
    • Build Process
    • Deploy to Firebase

I look forward to extending this book with more React features. I hope "The Road to React" captures my enthusiasm for the topic, and that it becomes a valuable resource among other courses, tutorials, and books on pragmatic React programming. As always, feedback through any of the available platforms is welcome and encouraged!

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The Road to React

Learn React by building real world applications. No setup configuration. No tooling. Plain React in 200+ pages of learning material. Learn React like 50.000+ readers.

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