About Me

Hi, it’s Robin. I am a german software engineer from Berlin but working remotely most of the time. First of all, thank you for reading my blog. It’s such a pleasure to have you here! Just to make sure: I am the guy on the right-hand side of the picture :)

A couple of words about my professional life: I graduated from university with a Master of Science in Computer Science in 2014. At university I discovered how empowering it can be to build applications and thus built several applications in different programming languages, domains and platforms. Straight out of university, I worked in a full-time position as software engineer on a large scale web application using JavaScript and Java to help thousands of customers to introduce a feedback culture in their companies. Those years gave me a lot of practical experiences in the field and I tried to convey a part of the information on my blog. During this journey, I found out about teaching as a fulfilling activity and therefore self-published 2 ebooks and launched a course platform. Fast forward in 2017, I decided to be self-employed, doing freelance and consultant work mostly related to web development. But I am always keen to learn something new, so I try to push myself every day. One of my recent learnings, by doing courses, reading books, listening to audio material and applying those learnings in JavaScript, is machine learning. I am open for any opportunities in this field or software engineering, so find out how to work with me.

Values and Mission

I try my best to have a positive impact on the world. 95% of my code is open source for everyone on GitHub. Every time I build a product/service for myself, I immediately think about how I could open source it for others. Even though I open source my work and offer lots of learning material for free on my website and books, not everyone is able to make use of it. Many people have no access to it because they didn’t had the chance to learn the English language in the first place. That’s why I try here and there to volunteer or to donate money to good causes. I have the strong believe that the major issue of diversity in our industry is due to inaccessible education for people outside of the western world. Apart from the language barrier, most educational content is too expensive. Whereas a programming course for $99 might be affordable in the US, it’s out of reach for any eager programmer in South East Asia. I know that many programmers producing educational courses need to make a living from something as well, I am sitting in one boat with them, but there are options to make educational content affordable for others around the world too. After all, I hope that I can give something back by believing in these values.

Apart from Programming

Even though I do a lot of programming in my professional and spare time, there are other things I treasure too. I am an avid reader, but I’m always struggling to memorize my learnings. I guess, that’s why I started to write down my notes from books I enjoyed to read. But it’s difficult to keep up with all the books. Nowadays I often encourage people to read more, because it’s such a fulfilling and meaningful activity.

In another life, I wanted to do music. But I avoided the stage at nightclubs when I got the first requests in my inbox. I preferred the anonymous internet over any stage. That’s why I never revealed my identity back in the days. Eventually, I decided to code and started to enjoy it too. Still, music is one reason why I am staying partly in Berlin. Nowhere else, I believe, will you find such a great selection of electronic music.

The most important part in my life is my girlfriend. Without her I wouldn’t be able to sustain my every day doings. My life would be too chaotic. Every other week she is not at home, my working shedule shifts dramatically from morning focused to night focused. She keeps my life in order and is helpful in every part of it. You could argue that because of her I manage to stay sane. Alongside, she encourages me to do workouts twice a week and is always helpful when it comes to marketing. Feel free to reach out to her for marketing subjects. She already works with a couple of great companies to advertise their ideas.

You like my content? Here are a couple of ways to support it.

I invest a lot of my free time into this website. Several hours a working week and most of my weekend time. That way, I hope that I can help others to learn the things that I have learned by myself. But I cannot deny that it costs a lot of time and energy to keep the website up and running. As a return of investment, I get revenue from selling my courses on Road to React and minimal affiliate marketing, but that’s nothing compared to the time and energy I put into it. Sometimes I wonder how much easier it would be to quit, but then friends and you as my readers encourage me to keep going. I think it applies to every project: people have a big impact on this when they cheer you up.

If you appreciate what I am doing, there are several ways to support me. It keeps the educational content of mine up and running. Furthermore, it may help me to dedicate more time to teaching students. If you like the content on my website and the things I create, you can consider one of the following ways to support me.

Be my Patron

First, I run a Patreon account where you can back me up. Over time, your support will unlock courses of mine. But the most important thing is that your monthly pledge would help me to sustain my work in educating people about web development topics. Most of the time I do it for free by writing blog posts or open sourcing. The platform is the perfect place for people like me to get a bit of funding for my doings.

Follow Me

Second, you can encourage me by following me on my social media channels. You can follow me on Twitter and recently Facebook for course and content updates. Or you can follow me on GitHub for trending, useful or learning projects. You can also subscribe to my Newsletter which gives every month a curated list of all the content updates. The updates will never be spam. My little number of tweets on Twitter should confirm it. I want to keep quality over quantity. In addition, I want to encourage you to support me on Product Hunt. I hope to release more things there in the future.

Leave a Review

Third, since I am writing books, my content began to end up on platforms such as Goodreads and Amazon. If you liked it, it would mean a lot to me if you would invest a couple of minutes to leave a rating or review. You can find my books on Goodreads and The Road to learn React on Amazon. It would give the content more exposure for others to find out about it.


Fourth, I am grateful for every share of my articles. When you read something on my website and you find it valuable, please don’t hesitate to share it. I am always eager to keep the quality of my articles on a high level and I always try my best to keep the content up to date. But it’s not only for me: There might be a follower of yours who finds it interesting as well.

Learn React (+ Redux + MobX)

Fifth, it encourages me when people learn React through my articles, eBook or courses. It keeps me motivated to improve the material all the time. Even though the eBook is pay what you want, you can support me by paying for it. It helps me to take more time to update, improve and extend the material. A lot of people learned React and JavaScript with my articles, books and courses and I encourage you to give it a shot as well. If you liked it, spread the word to your friends who want to learn it as well.


Sixth, you can have a direct impact. Every of my articles has a link to the GitHub repository where I manage all of my content. You can open Issues or Pull Requests to improve the articles. It is not easy to keep everything up to date being all by myself. Additionally, it is not easy as a non native speaker. You can contribute already by teaching me proper English in your Pull Request :)

In addition, you can write a guest blog post. Do you have an own website? Do you write quality content? Do you want to get more readers to your website? My website generates traffic already. You can help a lot of people in your topic of choice by teaching them. A guest blog post that links to your website is a great contribution. It has to relate to my content though. You can contact me on Twitter or open an Issue on GitHub to propose your guest blog post.

Last but not least, as a last resort, you can donate to support me. It is not time consuming and it is simple. You can use PayPal. After all, it helps me to take time off to improve articles, to keep them up to date and to write more teaching material. It is really a way I consider to go in the future and your donation would help me to make the step.


The resources are a selection of my tools that I use for my website. The links to the resources can be affiliate links or referral links. The former give me some provision, the latter provides you and me with a discount. It’s one way to support me and most of the time a win-win situation. Most importantly I hope that these resources help you to build your own websites and platforms.


Not long ago I switched from MailChimp to Revue for my Newsletter. Revue is perfect for my needs to setup a Newsletter for my website. It has everything I need even though I relied heavily on MailChimp before. Revue has the following advantages:

  • permalinks to newsletters
  • fetching content for the newsletter by using a handful of integrations
  • the UI/UX is simple and intuitiv
  • the pricing model is great for a larger audience
  • sufficient statistics

Digital Ocean

When I revamped my website, I decided to use Digital Ocean to host it. I don’t regret it and can highly recommend it. It powers all my websites, APIs and applications by using only 3 Droplets reaching that result in a total expense of $20 a month.

  • easily scaleable cloud computing
  • full control on the command line
  • powerful monitoring
  • hosting of multiple projects and websites
  • a lot of tutorials to get started
  • fair pricing


Liesa, my girlfriend and marketing expert, is always a helpful person when I have questions around the topic. I am a developer and had no clue about all these things. She helps out with SEO, keyword research and content distribution. As a freelancer she helps individuals and companies in growth regarding social media, influencer marketing and content production and distribution. Do you play with the idea to start a (developer) blog? Do you want to publish your own book? Do you want to reach people on social social media? If you are looking for a person to help you in marketing and content, don’t hesitate to contact her.


The platform helped me to publish my first book. It’s a great concept. You don’t need to release a finished book, because you can get feedback from your readers along the way. Try it and be a self publisher.


Next to Leanpub, I used educative.io to release a course. The platform is pretty new on the market. The creators of educative are helpful, supportive and very kind. I enjoyed the collaboration with them. The platform itself offers all the tools you need to setup your course.


A lot of books accompany me on my journey. I want to recommend a few that really made an impact.

That’s it. Now you know a bit more about me. You know how you could support me and how to work with me. Maybe some of the resources are useful for you as well. I hope to see you again on my website :)

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