Docker Cheatsheet

 by Robin Wieruch
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A collection of all the Docker commands I am using on a regular basis for developing applications with Docker.

Docker Machine

List all Docker engines:

docker-machine ls

Create a Docker engine:

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default

Set environment variables for Docker engine:

docker-machine env default
eval $(docker-machine env default)

Start a Docker engine:

docker-machine start default

Stop a Docker engine:

docker-machine stop default

Retrieve IP address for running Docker engine:

docker-machine ip default

Docker Images

List Docker images:

docker images

Remove Docker image:

docker rmi <image_id>
docker image rm <image_id>

Create Docker image (requirement: Dockerfile):

docker build -t <dockerhub_username>/<custom_docker_image_name> .

Docker Containers

List Docker containers:

docker ps
docker container ls -a

Stop and remove Docker container:

docker stop <container_id>
docker rm <container_id>

Remove all stopped Docker containers:

docker container prune

Create Docker container (requirement: Docker image):

docker run --name <custom_container_name> -p <new_port>:<defined_port> -d <dockerhub_username>/<custom_docker_image_name>

Docker Compose

If development, build, run and keep running (e.g. service_id equals dev):

docker-compose build <service_id>
docker-compose up <service_id>

If testing, build and run once (e.g. service_id equals test):

docker-compose build <service_id>
docker-compose run --rm <service_id>
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