Robin Wieruch

German Software Engineer for React.js, Node.js and GraphQL

About me

Get to know me before you dive into my content.

I am a self-employed software and web engineer dedicated to learning and teaching JavaScript for client-server architectures. After obtaining my Master's Degree in computer science, I gained experience from the startup world, where I used JavaScript intensively during both my professional life and spare time. Eventually it led me to teach others about these topics and to offer online courses and on-site consulting for companies. I am happy to welcome you on my website :-)

What I offer

Why you might want to hire me.

  • Workshops

    Teaching your team on-site/remote to get them up to speed with the latest web technologies for client-server applications in JavaScript.

  • Code Audit

    Conducting code reviews for your JavaScript application together with your team or a single person which usually last 2-3 days.

  • MVP

    Bringing your idea to code from zero to one as a minimal viable product (MVP) and beyond within a well-architected application.

  • Complex Problems

    Solving complex problems in JavaScript code which you want to have eliminated in your application's code base but no one dares to fix.

  • Writing Code

    Coding along with your team on a large scale application to make your customers happy with new features and performance improvements.

  • Technical Writing

    Writing tutorials about your technical product, open source work, or API (all related to JavaScript) to get more publicity for it.


My professional story.

  • 2009 - 2014

    Master of Science

    I graduated with a master of science in computer science. Lots of this knowledge can be applied for more complex problems in client-server architectures.

  • 2010 - 2014


    While studing computer science, I got my hands dirty by writing JavaScript, Java, and C# applications for several clients in Germany.

  • 2014 - 2017


    I worked closely with an exceptional team of engineers at a company in Berlin developing large scale applications for thousands of customers.

  • 2016

    React Book

    This year I published my first book about React.js. Within the first month it had more than 10.000 readers and today it is one of the most popular React.js books.

  • 2017

    Redux Book

    I published my second book about state management with Redux in React.js which I took one level further by packaging it as a full-blown online course.

  • 2018

    GraphQL Book

    As an early adopter of GraphQL in my recent jobs, I wrote my third book about it for modern client-server applications using GraphQL in JavaScript.

  • 2018

    Developer Magazines

    Every other month I write for a German software developer magazine educational content about JavaScript and its ecosystem.

  • 2018

    Firebase Book

    Later this year, I published my fourth book/course about Firebase in React to build modern frontend applications without worrying about your backend application.

  • 2017 - TODAY


    Lots of demand for JavaScript on-site or remote training, implementations for MVPs, code reviews, or complex JavaScript problem solving, led me to being self-employed.

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